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UtilityAPI is a service that automatically collects utility bill and usage data from utility web portals.



Everyone in the energy ecosystem needs easy access to secure data from a system that works. UtilityAPI is that system.

Hundreds of energy vendors use us every day to request and download utility customer bill and interval data. Our customers use the data to do feasibility analyses, quote generation, asset management, and measurement and verification.

Utilities use us to offer a certified Green Button Connect service to their customers or to gain insight into third party data access. We're able to offer critical vision and engagement beyond the grid edge.

Our Culture

We're fortunate at UtiltiyAPI to get to be mission-driven. We know that access to data from utilities is a pain-point for our customers, and we're helping them with it. We want our customers to get the data they need for their renewable energy, energy efficiency and their energy management projects. That sense of purpose informs everything we do, and it's the basis for the culture here.

Our Team

We value the insights that a diverse team can bring. The leadership here barely has any demographic in common, and we are making a conscious effort to build an inclusive environment.

UtilityAPI is jointly run by Daniel Roesler, Founder and CTO, Lynne Wander, COO, and Devin Hampton, CEO.

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