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Zero Acre Farms

Zero Acre Farms is a food company that aims to end the food industry's dependence on destructive vegetable oils.


Zero Acre Farms

Fat is good. "Vegetable" oils are bad. Bad for us. Bad for the planet.

Our mission is simple: to eradicate the use of toxic vegetable oils in our food system.

These destructive oils are hidden in everything, from salad dressings and condiments, to fast food and Michelin-starred restaurants, accounting for 20% of our daily calories.

Vegetable oils have been linked to weight gain, diabetes, cancer, cognitive decline, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and more. They increase risk of death by 62% — more than heavy drinking or moderate smoking — and are a leading cause of deforestation and climate change.

Zero Acre Farms is replacing the most problematic part of our food system with oils and fats that don't make us sick or destroy the planet.

And we’re doing it by introducing a new category of healthy oils and fats, made by fermentation, not deforestation.

Fermentation is the original culinary art, after fire. We use this ancient technique in a revolutionary way to produce oils and fats with the lowest levels of bad fats linked to inflammation and disease, while having a small environmental footprint.

As a team of food lovers, nutritionists, innovators, doctors, and PhDs, we’re banding together to save our health and planet without sacrificing the foods we love.

The world needs an oil change. We hope you join us.

Learn more by reading our manifesto here:

Get free VIP access to our March 3, 2022 Future of Fat summit here:


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