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Trove powers trade-in and resale for world-class brands, delivering sustainable and profitable growth at scale.



~The all-in-one platform for branded resale~
We power trade-in and resale of beloved brands, delivering sustainable and profitable growth at scale.

~Streamlining Resale-As-A-Channel~
Brands have millions of items owned by customers. Trove’s technology and logistics engine reduces the complexities of getting them back into in-store and digital sales channels and resold to new customers.

~Partnering with the world’s most beloved brands~
Our white label option delivers authentic brand experiences that engage the existing customer while attracting new ones.

~Leveraging products as valuable assets~
Trove provides a true-to-brand resale experience, valuable insights, and the operations for retailers to stand up a scale and profitable resale program.

~Growing into the future~
Our brand partners are forging deeper relationships with their customer that has far-reaching benefits for their business and our collective future.

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