ADL Ventures

ADL Ventures is a company that focuses on developing & deploying new services & products on behalf of legacy-sector corporations.


ADL Ventures

ADL Ventures focuses on developing and deploying new services and products on behalf of legacy-sector corporations. Our firm is a do-tank, not a think-tank, and our deliverables are outcomes as opposed to reports.

Every member of the ADL team has start-up and/or venture fund experience AND knows “what good looks like” at scale through work at successful corporate entities. Collectively the team has cross-cutting experience spanning key sectors such as start-ups, major corporations, professional services (investment banking / consulting / PE/VC), and public sector work.

Most of our work is on behalf of legacy sector companies, and the majority of ADL’s team has deep expertise in energy and sustainability. In addition to work at cleantech companies, several of us have founded, led, and raised money for startups in the energy and sustainability space.

We are particularly well-known for our work on the DOE-funded platform, ProblemSpace ( Through ProblemSpace, corporates challenge new ventures to propose solutions to gnarly technical problems. Entrepreneurs propose solutions to the well-defined problem, which is the initial step in winning the incumbent as a customer and ally.

ADL Ventures
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We contribute 5% of every payment to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with Stripe Climate