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Xeal is a technology-first electric vehicle (EV) charging company operating at the intersection of mobility, real estate, IoT, and energy. We are building the next generation of EV charging solutions to take the market from 1% to 100% mass adoption. We tackle the world’s greatest challenges with disruptive, yet practical solutions for the built environment and future of smart cities. Xeal has been adopted by the nation's largest real estate companies to electrify thousands of parking spaces.



Xeal provides EV charging solutions for apartments, condos, and workplaces. Xeal offers charging solutions from installation, cloud-based EV charging management solutions to mobile applications for apartments, condos, and workplaces. Its mobile application provides features to find, track, and reserve the charging points, thereby allowing users tocharge their car from anywhere and for property owners to earn passive income and cut CO2 emissions.

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