QuantumScape is a renewable energy company that develops solid-state battery technology to increase the range of electric cars.



We’re on a mission to revolutionize energy storage and power a decarbonized future, and we’re starting with transportation. Lithium-ion batteries are at the heart of the next transportation revolution, but in the technology’s current form, they fall short of meeting the needs of drivers in key areas like battery life, charging speed and cost. QuantumScape was founded in 2010 to create a battery that doesn’t make compromises — and after a decade of hard work, we’ve built a technology that enables the fast charging, long-lasting and safer batteries required to power zero-emissions transportation.

The key to our technology is a patented solid ceramic electrolyte separator, the material that keeps the anode and cathode from touching and moves lithium ions from one side of the battery to the other during charge and discharge. Our technology creates the lithium anode in situ during the first charge, an innovation that dramatically simplifies battery design and makes it fundamentally cheaper to manufacture. The solid electrolyte allows us to use lithium-metal for the anode, which is the lightest metal on the planet and nearly 10 times more energy dense than what’s used in today’s batteries. And the ceramic separator is non-flammable and noncombustible, making our batteries safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

In order to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, we must electrify transportation and turn internal combustion engines into a way of the past. Replacing this century-old technology won’t happen overnight, but with the help of our automotive partners, our dedicated team of world-class scientists and engineers is working around the clock to put our breakthrough, solid-state technology on the road as soon as possible. The future is solid.

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