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Zero emissions solutions for cold chain logistics.



Refrigerants are among the most potent GHGs.
Global cooling accounts for 7% of total emissions, and is expected to almost double by 2030 (University of Birmingham). Then for food, it gets even worse - almost 15% of food-related emissions come from poor refrigeration and spoilage in transit from farm to market (United Nations). Our intent is to help minimize emissions and spoilage for both medical and agricultural good.

We believe access to the cold chain is a fundamental right.
Whether your vaccines or your vegetables, we aim to increase the access to cold-storage products in rural, international, and underserved communities to address the global cold chain gap. Only 50% of vaccines make it into a patient's arm (World Health Organization, source), in large part due to poor temperature management. And with food, the picture is even more bleak: 475 millions tons of food are lost each year due to improper refrigeration. That's food for an additional 950 million mouths each year (International Institute for Refrigeration).

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