Solutions Consultant

Amperon is a provider of smart meters to deliver real-time energy data forecasts.

The Solutions team is responsible for working closely with customers in a consultative motion to sell and deliver data, analytics, and workflow automation solutions using PowerBI and related technologies, better integrating proprietary Amperon data and other customer data into customer workflows to improve customer outcomes and drive process efficiency. The Solutions team is also designed to serve as a ‘tip-of-the-spear’ for customer innovation, allowing us to quickly iterate to solve problems hand-in-hand with customers. We expect that many of these solutions will serve as MVPs that can be built into commercial products/features that can scale across our customer base. Additionally, the Solutions team is responsible for:

  • Understanding customers’ business needs and goals. This includes understanding customers’ current data landscape, their data challenges, and their desired outcomes.
  • Providing data and analytics solutions that meet the customer's needs. This could involve surfacing existing Amperon data (not already available via UI/API) via PowerBI, merging Amperon data with other data from the customer’s environment, building data pipelines, implementing customer data analytics and visualizations, and automating workflows.
  • Helping customers use data to make better decisions. This includes providing training on how to use the data and helping customers develop data-driven insights.
  • Supporting customers on an ongoing basis. This includes providing help with troubleshooting and providing updates on new data and analytics capabilities.
  • Providing post-sales support. This includes supporting Technical Sales, Customer Success, and Engineering as they work with customers to implement products and solutions, provide training, and troubleshoot problems.
  • Generating product opportunities via voice of customer. This includes identifying attractive product opportunities via customer feedback and hands-on solutions development and prioritizing the most strategic and scalable opportunities for Product.

About this Role
This role will be responsible for delivering customer data, analytics, and workflow automation consulting engagements. You will serve as one of the founding members of the Solutions team, serving as an entrepreneurial team player, while helping prove out the impact that a more consultative capability can deliver for our customers and our rapidly scaling company. This role will:

  • Report to the Director of Technical Sales & Solutions, and work closely with Technical Sales, Product, and Engineering teams.
  • Deliver on high-impact consulting engagements with power and utilities customers, as well as large energy end-user customers in a diverse range of industries, to help them generate more value from Amperon data, drive workflow and process efficiencies, and improve business outcomes.
  • Work closely with customers in a consultative manner to understand their data, their pain points and needs, and how they can create value through transforming their data or workflows.
  • Design data and solution architectures using the latest data and analytics tools.
  • Prepare data for advanced analysis, analyze data for relevant patterns and trends, create visualizations and dashboards to help the customer understand and take action based on the data and insights.
  • Deploy advanced workflows and process automation technologies to automate processes and drive process and organizational efficiencies.
  • Gather voice of customer feedback to understand additional pain points and scope out prospective engagements that deliver customer value and align with the company’s product and data strategy.
  • Educate customers on the power of data and technology to digitally transform their organizations to improve processes and deliver organizational value.
  • Demand expertise on Amperon’s products and the electricity and carbon data that we deliver.

About the Candidate
In order to be set up for success, you will possess the following:

  • 2-10 years of experience working as a consultant in data and analytics, with customer-facing experience.
  • A strong understanding of data and analytics. This includes knowledge of analytics and visualization tools, particularly PowerBI and related Microsoft technologies.
  • A bias towards action and preference for delivering value to customers quickly, often in an iterative manner.
  • Excellent communication skills, particularly the ability to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical audiences.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to identify and solve data-related problems.
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team. This includes the ability to work independently to solve problems, as well as the ability to work with others to collaborate on projects.
  • A strong interest in electricity and decarbonization, with experience consulting for power and utilities clients as a major differentiator.


While we are serious about our company’s culture, we aren’t going to force “culture” to prove that we are cool and fun. It’s a company filled with smart, genuinely nice individuals who are passionate about energy, data science, software, decarbonization, and working together to build a product that can have a lasting impact on our customers, the grid, and our planet.

Even though we are a remote company with employees spread across the globe, we still believe human interaction is a good thing. We have an all-company event at least once a year so people can get to know each other in a more fun and social way.

We offer the following benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Competitive health insurance
  • Free vision and dental insurance
  • Monthly gym membership stipend
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits
  • 401k
  • Stock options
  • Flexible work hours
  • Remote work
  • Company events

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