unspun is a robotics and digital apparel company building custom jeans for each consumer, on-demand.



We’re a fashion company with technology in our veins. And, as you’ll have it, our tech enables us to make perfectly fitted, bespoke jeans.

But, making jeans is not just for shits & giggles...

We’re on a mission. We have a purpose. Whilst making butts everywhere look great, we’re also working on reducing the global human carbon footprint with our intentional & disruptive production solutions.

unspun will change the world.

Which may seem like a big statement coming from a pair of jeans. But it’s 2022. When the world is this wild, the crazy ideas make the most sense.

Company Size
11-50 employees
Founded in
Company Type
Social Media
We contribute 5% of every payment to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with Stripe Climate