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Renaissance Fusion

Nuclear fusion start-up in Grenoble & Houston. Making the stellarator simple, fusion electricity incredibly cheap, and MRI a routine medical check-up.


Renaissance Fusion

Renaissance Fusion is the first Magnetic Confinement Fusion company in the EU. We are building the first net-energy producing stellarator by combining proprietary innovations in modular design, the manufacturing of next-generation High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) magnets, and liquid walls. We are forming a team of the brightest, most driven scientists and engineers to realize and commercialize our non-fusion HTS magnets within 2 years and fusion magnets and integrated fusion solutions within 10 years.

Specifically, we are looking for an efficient, proactive and creative talent acquisition manager to drive our ambitious recruitment plan of several dozens of new hires at varying job levels in the next two years.

Our team is young, agile, international and based in the exciting city of Grenoble, by the French Alps.

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Renaissance Fusion

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