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Digitizing wastewater networks to improve utility operations, environmental conditions, and public health.



Kando is an end-to-end solution that creates continuous awareness of events in the collection system. Kando enables utilities to remotely and continuously improve their operations by providing the following features:

  • Realtime wastewater quality data across the collection system
  • Pinpoint sources of pollution
  • Early warnings of damaging WWTP influent quality
  • Machine learning that evolves with your network
  • Autonomous sampling units
  • User fee calculator
  • Customized pollution alerts
  • A user-friendly, online interface
  • Detection of COVID-19 infection rates (New)

The combination of these actionable insights results in:
- Reduced CAPEX/OPEX
- Greater WW reuse capabilities
- Improved public health
- Cleaner environments

Kando has been deployed in Los Angeles, Milan, Brisbane, and many other cities. To gain a greater understanding of how our system can help your organization, visit our homepage at

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