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Full Cycle Bioplastics

Full Cycle Bioplastics transforms organic waste into the lowest-cost, lowest-carbon materials on the planet


Full Cycle Bioplastics

Full Cycle Bioplastics tackles plastic pollution and climate change by transforming organic matter into a compostable alternative to oil-based plastics. Plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from organic waste are two of the most critical environmental challenges facing the planet. Virtually all plastic ever produced still exists, and almost one-third of plastic consumed each year directly pollutes our land, oceans, and food chain. Organic waste is the third largest man-made generator of greenhouse gas emissions and a major contributor to climate change and global warming.

Full Cycle’s Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) bioplastic can be the answer to these problems.

Full Cycle PHA is produced naturally by bacteria using mixed organic waste as raw material. It can replace a wide range of synthetic plastics, yet it is compostable and marine-degradable once its useful life is over. It is also cost-competitive with oil-based alternatives, creating the potential for widespread adoption and scale in both developed and emerging markets.

Full Cycle licenses its technology to a variety of implementation partners – agriculture producers, food/beverage processors, composters and landfills, biorefineries, and even large campus environments. By co-locating on partner sites, Full Cycle can efficiently leverage existing infrastructure to reduce capital and operational costs. Licensed partners share in the profit from the sale of bioplastic resin and benefit by eliminating waste disposal costs, reducing their carbon footprint, and establishing a reputation as an industry leader in closed-loop sustainability.

The Full Cycle solution mitigates greenhouse gas emissions, reduces plastic pollution and toxicity effects on land and in the ocean, and sustainably moves the economy towards Circularity.

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