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FlyWire Cameras

Flywire is a patented video technology that translates video-enabled fisher data into actionable insights at a fraction of the cost.


FlyWire Cameras

FlyWire is a data services company that uses fishermen-first electronic monitoring to make the sustainable seafood movement equitable and accessible for commercial fishermen to get on board. FlyWire delivers fishery monitoring services to commercial fishermen nationwide, including hardware, technical services, and data insights, while streamlining access to information vital to maintaining healthy fish stocks. FlyWire is built on the principle that digitally monitoring commercial fisheries is not an issue of cost, it is a matter of values. We are on a mission to securely deliver catch and business insights directly to fishermen, ensure fishermen own their own data, and to secure wild-capture fisheries as a critical element of thriving food systems and economies worldwide.

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