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Flashfood is a mobile app that allows shoppers to buy fresh food like meat and produce nearing their best before​ date at massively discounted prices before the food is wasted.



When food gets thrown out, most times it ends up in a landfill gets covered by other garbage and when it rots, it produces methane gas. If international food waste were a country, it would be the third leading cause of GHG behind the United States and China.

Flashfood partners with grocery chains to allow them to sell surplus food through the Flashfood app at significant discounts for its users while reducing store-level food waste.

Flashfood users see deals on food through their phone, pay through their phone and pick their items up in store.

Flashfood helps grocers reduce shrink, provides consumers with an accessible way to purchase healthy, fresh food and diverts surplus food that may have otherwise gone to waste.

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