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Ceres Imaging

Ceres Imaging is a California-based aerial spectral imagery and analytics company that serves farmers and agribusinesses.


Ceres Imaging

In the face of unpredictable markets and a changing climate, farmers have never been asked to do more with less. At Ceres Imaging, we believe the future of agriculture depends on providing farmers with the right tools—to cover more ground, make the most of their resources, and apply their skill and experience where it’s needed most.

That's why we're creating irrigation management solutions that help farmers improve profitability. Our high-resolution aerial imagery and expert support help our customers detect issues quickly, measure potential ROI, and take action with confidence.

Backed by university-validated research, our team of experienced analysts, agronomists, and scientists, seamlessly transforms imagery into actionable insights, so farmers can build more profitable, more sustainable operations.

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