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Resource Management Service, LLC

Resource Management Service, LLC (RMS) is one of the world's largest and most experienced providers of timberland investment services.


Resource Management Service, LLC

We maintain offices in the US and Brazil seeking alternative investment opportunities in core investment regions for our investors. RMS has a staff of more than 159 experienced and highly skilled forest investment professionals and we directly oversee all of the core functions and processes along the timberland value chain for our investors. As a timber investment management organization (TIMO), forestry is in our DNA and our people are experts in every aspect of timberland investing, including: acquisition sourcing, transaction negotiation, due diligence, forest genetics, forest management, timber merchandising, land marketing, regulatory compliance, environmental stewardship, and wildlife management.

With nearly seven decades of experience buying, managing and facilitating alternative investments in the timberland asset class, and advising both non-industrial timberland owners and the forest products industry on everything from forest productivity and timber procurement, RMS knows how to optimize the biological, financial and societal value of working forests.

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