Technical Project Manager

We will make fusion power a reality within a decade by constructing the world’s highest-energy laser system and combining proven technologies in a way no one else saw.

Xcimer Energy Corporation is looking for a Project Manager to help manage the design and construction of experimental facilities for nuclear fusion, leading to a fusion pilot plant. We are a dynamic and highly motivated team focused on the most plausible path to bringing fusion power to the grid. You will have the opportunity to apply your project management skills to plan project activities and track progress, and directly contribute to the design, build, and test of our technological approach for fusion energy.

Major duties and Responsibilities

- Lead development of project cost and schedule estimates, with input of the technical team, concurrent to the development of our facility’s conceptual design.
- Lead establishment of project cost and schedule baselines with input from the technical team, concurrent to the development of the facility’s preliminary design.
- Track project performance against baselined cost and schedule during final design and project execution. 
- Support the technical leads in maintaining the project within technical, cost, scope and schedule bounds while ensuring performance goals are met. 
- Develop and implement a Quality Management System for incoming inspection and internal requirement goals.
- Develop and maintain project management tools for the delivery of laser facilities and fusion pilot plant.
- Work with company leadership to establish strategies to maximize integrated effectiveness of the project team.
- Work with technical leads to establish resource needs and priorities. 
- Communicate accurate and reliable project status in a timely manner to the leadership team.
- Develop and maintain a risk registry tool, with input from the technical team, and work with technical leads to proactively identify risks and critical issues and manage effective mitigation actions.
- Request and coordinate internal and external peer reviews of the Project.
- Support the coordination and implementation of appropriate export control policies and procedures.

Minimum Qualifications:

- Advanced Degree in engineering, physical sciences, project management, or related fields.
- At least 10 years of management experience.
- Proficient with Project Management software (e.g. Primavera (P6), Smartsheet, and/or similar tools).
- Extensive prior experience with managing the design, fabrication, and procurement of complex technical hardware.
- Proven, successful management of large, complex scientific/technical projects.
- Ability to manage complexity by assessing multiple and diverse sources of information to process issues with accuracy and efficiency. 
- Ability to motivate and inspire the team, proven ability to promote teamwork and collaboration as well as generate innovative solutions to challenges.
- Exceptional decision-making, time management and attention to details with ability to persist in the face of challenges to meet deadlines with high standards

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience with executing projects for laser facilities or nuclear/aerospace industry.
- Project management experience with scientific construction projects.

- Exceptional communication skills with the ability to adjust technical and project management content and style to deliver message effectively to team leadership and project stakeholders.

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