Senior Software Engineer (full-stack)

The easiest, fastest, and lowest-risk way to access clean, off-grid, hydrogen-generated electricity

We are ending the use of the diesel generator. Diesel is smelly, dirty, bad for humans, bad for the environment. Hydrogen is one of those cleaner and better options. At Hydrologiq we make it easier than ever to access by bringing the market together and simplifying a complex hydrogen supply chain.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer (full-stack) to develop the Hydrologiq Platform. Working closely with our Head of Product, you will be responsible for building software that forms the core of our main business, as well as defining the long-term technical direction of the Hydrologiq Platform.

The Role:

As Senior Software Engineer, you will be responsible for the long-term technical direction of the Hydrologiq Platform. As the first member of a new team led by our Head of Product, you will be designing and developing the next iteration of our software platform, delivering the key capabilities required for us to evolve our fast-growing business.

As part of this work, you will also be leading the technical delivery of an exciting grant project, which will put Hydrologiq at the centre of the UK hydrogen supply chain, accelerating the transition from diesel to hydrogen across the industry.

You will also be the champion of software engineering best practices in Hydrologiq.

We expect you to:

– Be a practical and action-oriented problem solver. One who is comfortable working through unknowns to solve problems in sometimes very tight timescales.
– Seek a healthy balance between creating long-term scalable software design and focusing on delivering immediate customer benefits.
– Respectfully challenge the status quo including product decisions. To ask “Why”, and suggest “How about”.
– We value candidates that:
– Actively seek to understand customer and business needs
– Are proactive in identifying opportunities, proposing ideas & solutions
– Are collaborative when developing those ideas & solutions
– Are pragmatic in their approach to stakeholder engagement, product iteration and testing
– Have a “Test Fast // Learn Fast // Improve Fast” mindset.

Essential experience:

– 5+ years of experience in full-stack software engineering in popular languages such as Python, Java, PHP or JS (Node.js) for backend, and JS (React) for web frontend.

– System design, database design, cloud native architectures
– DevOps, test frameworks, system monitoring
– Design patterns
– We value engineers who have a strong product and customer-centric mindset.
– Lean/Agile process. We want you to be involved in all phases of the development lifecycle and bring your unique talents to the process.
– Brilliant team player – communicate and collaborate well with everyone.

Some cool technologies we are currently using:

– MQTT for IoT communication
– InfluxDB for time-series data processing


– Experience in developing high-scalability systems
– Experience in developing API products
– Experience in developing IoT products
– Experience working on (renewable) energy products
– Contribution to open-source projects


– UK: we can’t currently support visas so you must have the right to work in the UK.
– We are currently remote first but meet regularly.
– With time we will decide on a way and a place to be our physical ‘home’.


– £50,000 to £60,000/year salary depending on experience and equity options.

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