Flight Test Operator

Pyka makes technologies that make aviation safer, more affordable, and more accessible than has ever been possible in human history.

Pyka is looking for a Flight Test Operator to test and scale the operations of its advanced autonomous aircraft. You will test our new hardware and software features to ensure the success of Pyka’s customer operations around the globe. Your work will focus on testing the continuous operation of Pyka’s aircraft and ground infrastructure.
This is a multidisciplinary role that interacts with many internal teams, so written and verbal communication skills are critical. Your work will be instrumental in Pyka’s growth as we build the best safe product for our customers. You will focus on operating at Pyka’s local California test sites, and may deploy to our international customers to support as needed.

About Pyka
Pyka’s goal is to provide society with a new form of fast, environmentally friendly, and accessible transportation enabled by autonomous electric aviation.
To get there, we’re taking a different approach than most. We're applying our technologies to every industry where electric aircraft can be useful, starting with the highest value and most dangerous jobs. In doing so, we're building useful, game-changing products manufactured at scale, while perfecting the safety, reliability, and capabilities of our autonomy engine and electric propulsion systems.
Today, we supply our aircraft to agricultural service providers and farmers as an autonomous tool that makes aerial crop protection safer, more targeted and less harmful to surrounding environments. Our vehicles are highly economical to operate and easy to deploy. What you work on at Pyka makes people’s lives better now and brings the future of electric aviation one-step closer each day.
We design, develop and manufacture an ecosystem of technologies including proprietary flight control software, avionics, high power density motors, motor controllers, batteries, and custom carbon-fiber composite airframes.
We foster a welcoming community within our company that promotes experimentation, asking questions, making simple solutions to complex problems, and expressing different views and opinions. We are a transparent company both internally and externally and do not believe in operating in “stealth mode.” Lastly, we don’t work 60 hour weeks, and don’t expect you to either. In this role you will have a great deal of responsibility, earn a competitive salary and benefits, and contribute to the development of groundbreaking technology.

- Execute continuous operations at Pyka’s test sites by identifying and troubleshooting issues, with the remote help of Pyka’s engineering teams
- Conduct reliability test campaigns with Pyka’s autonomous aircraft and ground support infrastructure
- Provide detailed technical feedback to operations and engineering teams to improve Pyka’s product for customer deployment
- Fly and test new hardware and software features
- Conduct diverse fleet site maintenance activities, involving the aircraft itself and ground infrastructure
- Serve as Pilot In Command or Ground Control Operator of experimental / developmental unmanned aircraft
- Manage local test site to ensure safe and efficient operations

Preferred Qualifications
- 2–5 years of experience flying fixed wing UAVs / model aircraft or large multirotors
- Experience with ground control and mission planning software
- 1–5 years of experience working with and troubleshooting mechanical and electrical systems
- Basic high voltage safety knowledge and comfortable working on 120 VDC, 20 ~ 30 kW systems
- Knowledge of aircraft systems, maintenance, and manuals
- Independent and motivated, able to self-direct and manage time
- Extreme thoroughness and attention to detail
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Willing to work at test sites in the Central Valley
- Part 61 pilot certificate

Company Perks
- 70,000–$100,000 per year base salary + equity. Compensation will vary depending on location, job-related knowledge, skills, and experience. Salary ranges are subject to change.
- Employer-sponsored health, dental and vision insurance, FSA with employer matching, and 401(k)
- Paid time off, company holidays, and parental leave
- Free catered lunch and plenty of snacks at the Oakland office
- Opportunity to work on and fly large autonomous aircraft

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