Cultivation Technician (Iceland)

At Running Tide, we build technologies that allow us to harness the power of the ocean to build a climate positive future.

The ocean is critical to human and planetary health —but ocean health is in rapid and accelerating decline. We believe that we have the responsibility —and ability —to act.

Running Tide is a global ocean health company. Our fast-growing, multidisciplinary teams of world-class scientists, engineers, and maritime operators, design and implement interventions that rebalance Earth’s carbon cycle, decarbonize global supply chains, restore marine ecosystems, and revitalize coastal communities. Our corporate operations, business development, communications, and policy teams support Running Tide’s front-line workers in scaling our interventions to tackle humanity’s most urgent challenges: restoring ocean health and combating climate change.

Our Agronomy team is developing technology for scalable production, deployment, and offshore growth of modular macroalgal cultivation systems as a central part of Running Tide’s carbon sequestration platform. Robust execution and continuous improvement of our algal cultivation processes are critical to realizing this goal. 
We’re looking to add a Cultivation Technician to our team at our R&D and production facility called Alda which is based in Akranes, Iceland. This role will primarily involve the cultivation of different macroalgae species in flasks and photobioreactors (PBRs), monitoring and collecting process data to improve future operations, and collaborating with our field operations team to aid in tasks such as field sampling and deployments of algal seeded substrate.

You Will:

- Perform routine maintenance of equipment including setup, operation, monitoring, and adjustment of cultivation units. 
- Clean and organize lab spaces, glassware, cultivation tanks, and other laboratory/culture materials.
- Operate various laboratory equipment such as photobioreactors, microscopy systems, fluid pumps, computer workstations, and instrument probes/sensors.
- Record, maintain, and archive daily data logs for cultivation experiments and production runs.
- Assist with experimental-type and production-type hatchery operations, such as sporulation, seedstock biomass production, inoculation, and controlled cultivation trials.
- Inventory, track and order hatchery consumables.
- Execute measurement and data acquisition protocols as directed by the Director of Agronomy or Cultivation Scientist.
- Collaborate with the operations teams to support ongoing experiments.
- Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for regular activities performed by the cultivation technician; review and improve upon existing hatchery SOPs

You Are (or You Have):

- Capable of independent, creative, critical thinking and problem-solving; effective communication and teamwork skills
- Meticulous attention to detail
- Degree/coursework in biochemistry, phycology, biological engineering, marine biology, aquatic chemistry, aquaculture, or related field
- Experienced in water quality monitoring, testing, and adjustments
- Adaptive to evolving objectives and workflow; able to conduct various established and novel algal hatchery processes
- Mechanical experience/aptitude (operating/repairing pumps, basic plumbing systems, etc.)
- Eager to continue learning and make iterative process improvements
- Able to work in unconventional settings (in our macroalgae hatcheries, on the water, in the field throughout the year) 
- Previous experience in aquaculture or related lab-type setting

Bonus Points

- Experience with macroalgae in a laboratory or field setting
- Experience working with a variety of laboratory equipment
- Experience with scientific image capture, microscopy, and image analysis
Our teams operate with utmost persistence. We are tackling the world’s most difficult and important problems, and we are unwavering in our motivation to find a solution. At our core, we are innovators driven to do "more good" rather than "less bad" in the world.

Running Tide is committed to building a diverse team, bringing as many possible perspectives to bear on the unprecedented challenges facing our planet. We are committed to building an inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds can come to do their best work.

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