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WhereIsMyTransport is a mobility technology company and central source of complete public transport data for emerging-market megacities



WhereIsMyTransport helps people understand mobility in emerging-market megacities. Our data services inform industry-leading companies and solve real-world problems. Our products improve the public transport experience in places where billions of people lack reliable network information.

In the world’s 30 largest emerging-market cities, over 300 million daily commuters use public transport to get wherever they need to go. Despite the size, scale, and importance of these mobility networks, they are effectively invisible, with no central source of network maps or other operational information.

For commuters, that means an unpredictable experience where every new trip brings the risk of a new set of challenges that they face alone. For businesses and institutions, a lack of accurate, reliable and complete network data makes it nearly impossible to understand the ‘ground truth’ of these markets, and the vast opportunities within them.

WhereIsMyTransport fills that mobility data gap. Combining people, product, and process helps us deliver mobility data that makes smarter solutions to real-world problems possible for industry leaders like Google, the World Bank, and WSP.

By digitalising information from every mode of public transport, of every operational style, we are the first, and de facto, central source of complete public transport data for emerging-market megacities.

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