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Tezza Foods

Using the art of microbes to craft a new category of incredible cheeses—that happen to be made from plants.


Tezza Foods

Fermentation was the first human biotechnology to convert simple ingredients into incredible foods: milk into cheese, pork into prosciutto, grains into beer and bread. Tezza is a public benefit corporation that discovers and designs microbial communities to transform inexpensive plants into new categories of sustainable fermented foods. This approach allows us to create plant-based foods that are absurdly delicious and less expensive than animal-based counterparts. We are starting with the most resource-intensive and addictive dairy product: 🧀.

Core Values

Give a shit. Care about what you do, how you do it, and the people you do it with. Give enough shits to do something about it.

Do more with less. Sustainability is not about social awareness, atmospheric carbon, or baby polar bears. It’s about efficiency. How do we support as much life as we can with finite resources? For every problem big or small, pursue practical solutions that achieve more with less energy, less money, and less time. 

Stay hungry. Seek discomfort and growth. To make a future world better than the present, make your present self better than your past. Don’t compare yourself with others but with who you were yesterday.

Make meaning through others. Look, we all fantasize about abandoning the world for a hut in the woods. But in life, most meaningful things are experienced with others, and the biggest problems aren’t solved alone. Trust others, and they will trust you; understand others, and you will understand yourself; work with others on big problems, and wake up with a purpose.

Savor every bite. Whether you’re kicking ass or getting your ass kicked, have fun, take care of yourself, and choose optimism, even if it’s your only option. Sometimes even the end of civilization isn’t that serious. You have one life; bask in it.

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