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SolarGik Ltd.

SolarGik specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining smart PV tracker solutions that unlock the potential of solar energy.


SolarGik Ltd.

SolarGik's mission is to unlock the potential of solar energy by solving the industry's biggest challenges - intermittency, reliability, predictability and flexible production and distribution.

SolarGik offers smart PV tracker solutions that are modular, configurable, lightweight, and easy to install and maintain, which provide 20-25% more energy production than fixed-tilt panels. Our trackers can be installed any place a fixed-tilt panel can be installed. Our “Tracker Control System” utilizes AI and serves as a project-level SCADA/DCS system to optimize energy and financial outputs.

SolarGik was founded by veterans of the solar energy industry with hundreds of years of combined solar industry experience. They have designed, installed and operated hundreds of thousands of solar trackers with Gigawatts of installed capacity.

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