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Revalue Nature

Revalue Nature develops the highest integrity nature-based projects globally, at scale. We do this because we want to see a world of functioning ecosystems. This is our mission.


Revalue Nature

Our projects are beautiful. They provide natural solutions to the climate and nature crisis - sequestering carbon, allowing biodiversity to flourish, enabling communities to thrive, protecting watersheds, and ensuring our ecosystems function as nature intended.

Revalue Nature combines:
- A world-class team with 60+ years of carbon finance and development experience
- Our advanced climate tech which allows us to develop higher integrity nature projects with greater speed, scale, integrity, and transparency
- An understanding of the real problems on the ground. We are rooted in the tropics and have a deep understanding of country contexts and the reality of developing natural solutions

- Our north star is value creation aligned with the health of nature and her stewards.
- We take the long-term view in everything we do while remaining grounded in the realities of today.
- We design for balance and resilience, both in our ecosystems and in the way we work.
- We invest in long-term, trust-based partnerships that create value for all.
- We keep focus in order to make very hard things happen. This means saying no more than we say yes.
- Integrity is core to all that we do.
- We know that what we do is who we are.

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