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Para‖‖el Carbon

Parallel Carbon is creating the hardware platform required for a post-fossil-fuel society.


Para‖‖el Carbon

Parallel Carbon is developing the hardware platform fundamental to a post-fossil fuel society. We are building technology that removes carbon dioxide from the air while producing hydrogen to eliminate emissions. Our mission is to deliver the world’s most scalable solution to reverse climate change.

The world needs to scale up carbon removal to the gigaton-level in parallel with deep decarbonization as fast as possible. According to the IPCC's AR6, "if global net negative CO2 emissions were to be achieved and be sustained, the global CO2-induced surface temperature increase would be gradually reversed." Simply put, net-negative CO2 ends global warming.

Our innovation is a unique direct air carbon capture system. We’ve found a way to use ancient geochemistry with modern electrochemistry to perform direct air capture and water electrolysis simultaneously. 

Our process to generates high-quality carbon removal credits and green hydrogen.

Over the coming decades, we will remove atmospheric CO2 at the gigaton scale.

Emission reduction and removal, in Parallel

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