Litter Token

Litter Token is a DAO and cryptocurrency built on Ethereum that rewards people for picking up litter.


Litter Token

Litter Token is a purpose-driven token that pays people to pick up litter. We're Pokemon Go for fighting climate change ♻️

When you join Litter Token, you’re actively co-creating a micro-economy that pays people to do things that heal the planet. This can look like picking up litter, planting something, restoring a coral reef, and so much more.

We're dedicated to building and creating sustainable communities. That means, Litter Token is completely community-run, community-funded, and community-owned. We're a global community of 100+ members spanning across Brazil, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Colombia, United States, Spain, and more.

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Litter Token
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We contribute 5% of every payment to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with Stripe Climate