Evergreen Action

Evergreen is leading the fight to put bold climate action at the top of America's agenda. We’re building the ambitious, actionable policy roadmap for an all-out mobilization to defeat climate change—and to create millions of jobs in a thriving, just, and inclusive clean energy future.


Evergreen Action

Since Evergreen was founded in 2020, we have successfully influenced the national climate policy landscape. The Biden administration has adopted significant pieces of the Evergreen Action Plan and we played a pivotal role in the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). 

We pair bold policy products with campaign-style communications and shrewd advocacy tactics. We seek to galvanize an all-of-government mobilization to solve the climate crisis and build a just and thriving clean energy economy by raising standards, catalyzing investment, and centering justice.

We marry movement partnerships with direct engagement with decision makers to deliver the greatest positive impact, as fast as possible. In the months and years ahead, we are carrying our proven theory of change forward to ensure the effective implementation of the IRA (as well as additional executive and state action) to fully meet our climate, economic, and environmental justice goals.

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Evergreen Action



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Evergreen Action
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We contribute 5% of every payment to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with Stripe Climate