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Entocycle develops the technology to enable efficient and scalable insect farming.



Accelerating a global shift towards insects
We launched in 2017, to accelerate a global shift to sustainable protein using insects, technology and innovation.

Traditional protein is killing our planet
Raising animals and producing the protein-rich feed (fishmeal and soy) they eat requires significant natural resources, contributing to deforestation, biodiversity loss and greenhouse gas emissions.

Protein that doesn’t cost the Earth
Insects are a highly efficient protein production technology, requiring less land, water, and development time than traditional protein sources. By reducing our agricultural footprint, we can restore our natural forests and the ecosystems within them.

Nature’s perfect up-cycling machine
The black soldier fly eats food waste such as rejected supermarket fruit and vegetables, brewer’s grains and coffee grounds — converting it to protein while leaving behind a natural fertiliser to help grow more food.

The engineers of today are the farmers of tomorrow
Our world-leading proprietary technology includes computer vision, automation, and machine learning to enable efficient and scalable insect farming.

The UK’s leading insect technology company
We’re farming insects in the heart of London and supported by UK and European grants, we’re developing cutting-edge technologies required to accelerate insect farming as an industry globally.

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