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Our goal as a company is to help prevent as well as adapt to climate change. As such we will never engage in activities that help bulldoze forests or increase extraction of fossil fuels.

If we can’t provide true value for a customer, we will tell them upfront and advise them against paying for our service. We trust employees, investors, and partners to make decisions in line with our company morals in mind at all times.

We will continue to implement systems beyond our friday expert speaker series, cross-team knowledge summaries, and internal recorded/shared technical explanations to ensure that no information is siloed and that everyone is equipped with cutting-edge data science, agriculture, and climate science knowledge.

We constantly challenge each other to ensure we are taking the optimal, most robust path forward. Success comes from radical candor and being open to hearing different viewpoints — some of our best ideas have come from our interns challenging our leadership team.

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We contribute 5% of every payment to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with Stripe Climate