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Chargetrip is the world's leading Smart EV Routing platform. We make EV-driving and -charging seamless, reduce operational costs, and unlock new business models.



Annual CO2 emissions have doubled over the past half-century to over 35 gigatons per year. This places the world on an unsustainable path. Without addressing energy generation and consumption, we will not be able to reduce CO2 emissions. Chargetrip accelerates the advent of sustainable transportation by developing the missing tools that help people and businesses switch to electric mobility.

Chargetrip offers smart EV routing as an API-based SaaS platform. It lets drivers stretch the range of their vehicles, by offering them the optimal route for every journey. This enables all-purpose use of electric vehicles, both privately and commercially.

Our EV routing engine uses over fifteen different variables to calculate the real-time range of any electric vehicle. These include temperature, weather, charge speed, elevation, rolling resistance, real-time vehicle data, and the availability of charge stations. Based on these variables, Chargetrip’s algorithms use predictive models to calculate a short, cost-effective route for the driver, with the optimal charge stations along the way.

Chargetrip was founded by experienced entrepreneurs from Norway, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. They have a long history of developing and commercializing navigation technology, and are committed to creating a next-generation routing engine for electric mobility.

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