Cervest creates Climate Intelligence for every person, asset, and decision. Climate Intelligence transforms how we build, manage, and de-risk our most valuable assets. Open, democratized, transparent Climate Intelligence enables us to adapt and decarbonize at scale — powering a Climate Intelligence Network™ that builds an equitable and resilient future for our planet.



The rapid pace of climate change demands new approaches to adaptation. We need new instruments and insights to protect our most valued assets, decarbonize at scale, and build an equitable and resilient future for our planet. We need Climate Intelligence.
Climate Intelligence is mass intelligence for managing climate decisions — intelligence that enables us to be more prescient, decisive, and collaborative about asset-level adaptation than ever before. It transforms how we build, manage, and adapt our most valuable assets, including power plants, factories, hospitals, transport networks, forests, and homes.

We’re a Certified B Corporation with a vision to build a climate intelligent world — one where everyone is able to use Climate Intelligence to adapt with climate change.
By making Climate Intelligence open, democratised and transparent we will power a global Climate Intelligent Network™ that drives a chain reaction of climate intelligent decisions to protect the world’s critical assets, including our greatest asset — the planet.
Built on the core principles of irrefutable and evolving science, quantification for every asset, and open access for all, our AI-powered Climate Intelligence platform makes on-demand Climate Intelligence available to every business, government, NGO, and individual.

Using our flagship EarthScanTM product, anyone can discover how current and future climate events such as flooding, droughts, and extreme temperatures will impact their assets.

EarthScan helps our customers confidently de-risk decisions, meet financial disclosure needs and improve the resilience of the assets they own, manage or rely on. Learn more at cervest.earth.

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